Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Grannies!

Good Morning Everyone!! 

I have been sooo busy with school and life in general. We only have 2 weeks before our Spring Term Finals. So it has been crazy around here. In addition, I have been busy with classwork, practicum, tutoring , work and with trying to hang out with friends and have time for myself. And, I am still trying to get over my Bronchitis. Whew! So crazy.

Anyways, here are more of my granny squares that I made a week or so ago. I finally took pictures and posted them. They are all the same size except the pink and green one with the white flower. That was the first one I made. 

My projects that I want to work on this summer are starting to create a loonnngg list. Hopefully, I will actually get some of them done. haha. Once I write out a list, I will post pictures and such for everyone to see. :) 
Also- once I am home for the summer and start my butterfly waystation- you will be flooded with caterpillar pictures! Oooo! CAN"T WAIT!!! :D

Have a great weekend everybody!!


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