Monday, March 14, 2016

I've been busy...

So my Ravelry project page is fast filling up. It seems like for every one project I finish, I have 5 more started! There is always something new and beautiful to make and I can always find a new and exciting yarn to use! However, I am trying hard to limit myself on fiber right now as I just finished organizing about 5 big bins of yarn and moving them downstairs and out of my closet! Hey, look I found my favorite shirt!! :P

Finished Projects
This week, I finished one purple cobasi sock and finished my blue Age of Brass and Steam kerchief.
It feels a little bit small, but once I block it, it should stretch a little bit bigger and be more comfortable.

I have a lime green Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief in the works, but that one I am making larger and it should come out more as a shawlette size when it is finished and blocked. I am quite happy with it so far though.

I have a large cable blanket in progress right now as I am addicted to my newfound skill of cabling and have found many projects to make with cables. I can't start them all at once even though I so wish I could!

I have several baby gifts going on right now: an Old Shale patterned baby blanket and a shawl to cuddle in during the midnight feeding time.

I have spring fingerless mitts that I just started working on and that I am excited about as they will be less bulky than the mitts I wore during the winter (and am currently wearing). They should be perfect for the cold, air-conditioned library this summer, but not super warm.

I also have two mates of socks that I need to start and finish, but I have been wearing the mismatched socks lately as they feel so nice and I have one done with each pattern. They both have purples in them, so they are somewhat coordinated!

Crochet WIPS
I am working on a baby blanket in a pink, green, purple multi yarn. It isn't for anyone in particular, but will come in handy as more friends have babies in the future.

That's it for now! I have been dying to start many new projects as spring is here and it is time to transition to lighter clothing.

What have you all been working on lately?


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Preemie Frog Hat

I have been braver with my crochet lately and have been making tons of baby hats. They are super simple half double crochet ones and get boring after making a couple of hats. My dad's coworker just had a 3 lb. baby, so I decided I would find a cute preemie pattern to make for him. I found this pattern through Ravelry by Maggie on her site Tugboat Yarning. It is really cute and easy! I am going to be making more of these!! They are slightly different from the newborn hats I have been making and are slightly more interesting to make- right now at least! :)

Here is a picture of how mine turned out! It is a little bit lopsided- but hey, he's homemade right?!

Well, just a short post tonight. Thanks for reading!


Monday, April 28, 2014


Wow. So I have really missed all my friends in Blogland. Life got busy, school got busy, and my interests changed a little bit…. But now I am back and ready to rediscover all of you and share new things. So… Glad to see you all again!

Let's see... what's new since I last posted--I think about 2 years ago :(

1. I graduated with my Elementary Education degree from Simpson last April!
2. I was hired as a Clerk at my local library.
3. I started graduate school at San Jose State University for Library School.
4. I have gotten a lot braver with my crochet creations.
5. I got a promotion at my library to Library Assistant- Teen Specialist
6. My puppy is lot older now- She is almost 3!
7. I keep thinking about how much I have missed you, so my goal is to become a more regular poster again this year. :)
8. And, I don't know… How about some pictures? :)

Crochet Projects

Knitted Frilly Scarves- Very addictive

Cleo and her Bowtie

Doggie Hat

More to come later! Thanks for reading!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Traditional Versus Online Education

Education is an unique experience for every student. Nowadays, we are lucky we can choose from different types of schools for what may best fit our own learning styles. Although I believe there are pros and cons to both traditional and online education, I am excited about what the future of online education holds.

Traditional education is great because it provides an individualized experience to the students. They are able to talk face-to-face with their instructors, receive individualized help and learn leadership, teamwork and social skills through personal interactions. However, the growth of the internet is changing some of these experiences.

Online education is a new platform that is gaining rapid popularity. There are many sites that allow students to collaborate together over the internet by tracking each student’s comments and edits. Another popular idea is the reverse lecture class. Students watch the lecture online and then during class time they are able to work on problems, get one-on-one help and ask questions. I think this is a great idea to help the students have more interaction and clarification time during class.

Many schools who don’t offer specific classes, can now enroll their students in online classes through another school. The students can find a subject they are interested in as well as participate in higher-level thinking courses. 

One of my personal favorite websites is Khan Academy. I love this site because it lays out many difficult math and science concepts and re-explains them in several different ways. It is very accommodating to different learning styles.

Right now, there is a wide variety of resources to explore and begin to integrate into a traditional classroom with technology. As more resources are developed, online education will become more affordable and popular as a school form.

For more information, check out these articles and websites:


Can Online Education Tackle Achievement Gap? Tell Me More. National Public Radio. Oct. 2012.

Hood, Grace. More Teachers ‘Flipping’ The School Day Upside Down. All Things Considered. National Public Radio.

Online Education Grows Up, and For Now, It’s Free. All Things Considered. National Public Radio. Sept. 2012.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Go PURPLE on OCT 19th!!!

Wear PURPLE on Friday, October 19th to celebrate and support LGBT rights and LGBT youth!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back in blogland

Hello friends,

Wow. It has been quite a while since I last visited blogland. Here are some quicky updates.

First off,  I am sorry about my mysterious disappearance and absence. It kinda just happened without me planning it. Guess life will do that to you.

Second off, my summer job is going really well. I have been busy working at the college library on my school campus. I love my job and the people I work with a lot!

Third,  I have been getting all of my paperwork ready for grad school. The library job really helps for that, both for experience and references. :)  In addition, I have been getting ready for my senior year of (undergrad) college- one semester left and then a semester of student teaching. Then grad school. :O

Next, my family just got back from a week of vacation on the beach. It was much needed and we had wonderful 80-90 degree weather the entire week. Now, usually we prefer the 70s, but two weeks ago, our normal temperature in Iowa was 105 degrees. Soooo.... the 80-90 degree weather on the beach was absolutely gorgeous!!

Oh, and we had a surprise party for my mom the week before we went on vacation. We had been planning it for a month or so and it never got spoilt! That was pretty darn awesome-- I'll do a separate post about this with more details later. :)

Let's see.... the puppy, Cleo,  had to go to doggy daycare/boarding while we were on vacation. However, being social, she adored it! She had a blast playing with the other dogs everyday!  (She is kinda bored at home now...hmmm)

We are moving my sister to her college for her first year starting next week. She is getting really excited for her college year to start.

And we got our new pond installed and the fish moved in. They are nice and happy. And... don't know if this is good or bad... they are quite tame. If you sit on the edge of the rock and dangle your feet in the water, the 5 fish swim right up and kiss your legs and toes. :)

Oh, and lastly... I have been teaching my mom to crochet. So far, she has mastered the chain, single crochet and US double crochet. Yay!!

Okay- Now I have to work on my statement of purpose for my grad school app. I'll be back later with more details and maybe some pictures too!

Thanks for reading!!

As Always,


Sunday, June 17, 2012

And the Winners are…

dun dun dunnnnn…………

Marina (Evelyn-May) and Claire ( Sweet Birdy Love)!!! 

You both posted about excellent-sounding books, so I would like to send you both something.   : 0)
Also, now I am going to add both of those books to my list. Ooo. I'm excited!

Please both email me at with your home mailing addresses. Then I can send you a cute little something in the mail. :)


P.S. Sorry this post is a day late. I had a bad migraine yesterday because of the much needed rain that was passing through. I'm much better today. :)

Have a great day!

As Always,