Monday, April 16, 2012

A Quick Hello!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post today as I haven't posted in a while. I have been very busy with school. We have our final tests next week, so the last few weeks have been a bit hectic. I have tons of projects, presentations and papers to work on. *sigh* no time for crochet at the moment. But come May, I will have a bit more time to work on projects. My college has a special term that we call May Term. For the first 3 weeks in May we only have one class, but it is 3 hours everyday. Then we are done for our summer vacation. My class will be in the morning, so I will have a fairly empty afternoon, minus work and volunteering time...
Anyway, I am looking forward to May Term just for the extra bit of free time that I should have. :)

I want to thank all of you for the nice birthday comments. :)
I had a good day. I taught a lesson in my practicum with the third graders. I brought little cupcakes and they sang to me in Spanish! I was impressed! This past Friday, my friends and I went out to a restaurant which was fun and then played board games and watched a movie until the wee morning hours. I am still a bit tired from this. However, it was a much needed break from schoolwork.

I am looking forward to starting some nice projects using some of the patterns from my new books. Plus, my boyfriend got me a yarn bag! It is pretty awesome. It has a bunch of zippered pockets. I am excited to use it. Now when I go home, Cleo (the puppy) won't be able to pull yarn out of it as easily as she can from my other bags. :) haha. Unless... she learns how to work the zippers. Hmm. She is really smart and she is constantly surprising us with the random knowledge she has. She will be a year old in the middle of May.

Anyways... I hope all of you are having a FANTASTIC start to yet another week. 
Take care and I hope to talk to all of you again soon! :)

As Always,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Books! Yay!

It's my 21st birthday today, and thanks to all of my new yarny friends out there recommending so many cool things....
Here is what I got... :)

I also asked for yarn but was denied that request as I already have too much of it for my family's tastes. However, they decided that the books met with approval if only for the reason that it would give me a way to "use up that yarn somehow!"

I am quite excited to actually try some of the patterns and borders that so many of you talk about. Yay! Now I just have to decide (and find the time to crochet) on a pattern. Then once I am far enough, I will have to choose a border, etc. Oh.. I am not very good at decisions. 
Good thing I have all of you to recommend things to me, right?!