Thursday, May 17, 2012

Garden and Spring Flowers!

Hello all,

This weekend I was at home and took some pictures of the flowers. They are so cheerful. Plus, the flowers never get tired of modeling for photos! :)

Cleo recently decided that she loves to run through the daisies. They were all nice, but now they have paths pushed through them in several places. That's what puppies do! Cleo will be 1 year old on Monday, the 21st! 

This is a Hummingbird Moth. It fell into our pond, and my dad fished it out. We put it on a daisy to warm up and dry off. It stayed for about 15 minutes and then flew off.

After my sister's grad party, we took down our balloon decorations. Cleo played with squishy balloons when she was younger. She is very gentle with them and likes to carry them around by the belly button. She was super excited to carry around these 3 balloons that were all tied together.

After a little while, she had popped a couple of the balloons. They didn't scare her though. She just picked up the balloons that were left. We always supervise her when she has balloons so that if they do pop we can take away the broken pieces before she finds them and possibly tries to eat them. We are careful, and she enjoys playing with them.

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  1. What pretty daisies! Mine have yet to bloom over here, but it shouldn't be too long till they do. Awe, looks like Cleo had fun with the balloons..she is so cute :)
    Magie x


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