Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh, Cleo!

Hello Everyone!

My family came home from dinner a few weeks ago and saw a happy Cleo. My mom and I went into our little library room for a little while. We were in the library talking when Cleo came in and jumped right up onto the window seat. 
It was the first time we had seen her on the window seat.

Normally, she is not allowed on the furniture unless it is in the basement, outside, or our beds. However, she acted like she had done this before and was comfortable sleeping in this spot. We weren't sure if we liked it or not. My mom is concerned she may scrape up the woodwork with her nails.

Since then, Cleo has jumped on the window seat multiple times. Even in front of us, which usually dogs don't do because they know they aren't supposed to.

We came home the other night and Cleo came running to greet us from the direction of the library. I went into the library and felt the window seat cushion. Guess what? It was warm and full of dog hair.
 Oh, Cleo!

She also discovered she likes to look/smell out my bedroom window. She is barely tall enough to rest her chin on the windowsill. 

Well, hopefully my next post will include crochet (which is at a standstill at the moment) or my butterfly garden. I have several Milkweeds popping up. :)

I'm going home this coming weekend for my sister's high school graduation party and will take some fun photos for you. 

Also, my Mom and I are going to join our church this Sunday. I am excited as I definitely fit in there and love the people I have met. We have only been going on a regular basis since last June, but I know I want to join. My Mom is little more if-y as she has had more bad experiences with previous churches and joining and then having her beliefs denounced. She knows she wants to join the church, but is a little reluctant. However, since I am joining, she is going to too. I am excited!

For those of you who are interested (sorry, I just really need to talk to somebody about this. I am NOT trying to push beliefs or anything on you. Just sharing my own beliefs), the church we found is our local Unitarian Universalist church. I like it because it is so open and accepting of all different beliefs. We have pagans, buddhists, catholics, atheists, and christians that all meet in our church every week and get along really well. Our main belief is more in taking care of the Earth and being respectful and loving to each other. This is a "scary" idea for many people in the US, but I love it. I have met many interesting, great people. 

Well... Thanks for listening/reading my ramblings.

As Always,



  1. Hi Katy - Cleo is so cute. I have the feeling she has been on that window seat many times before; maybe she has only just confessed!! I love it when they put their little chins on things. Your church sounds really interesting. I believe that the best way we can all live together is to understand that being spititually aware is the important thing; not what specific religion we have. I think it is a very special church where people of such diverse beliefs can come together. Good luck and I would like to know how it goes. lily. xxx

  2. It looks like Cleo has found a very comfy spot for sure, how cute :)
    Have a fun time at your sister's graduation party...
    Magie x

  3. Hi Katy, thanks for following my blog ;) Your church sounds great, I don't go to church but if there was one like that in my home town I just might! Look forward to reading your blog too and good luck with your studies, I'm a primary school teacher (taking a break at the mo while I have young kiddies) and it's a great job! from Megan in NZ

  4. Well Hi Katy, thank you for following my blog, been having a look at yours, lovely lots of newsy chatty things, love Cleo, our dog sits on my daughters blanket box in her bedroom, not supposed to but now we put a cover on it as he likes to look out of the window, and the box is pale grey with white spots, not good with muddy paws! Bye til next time. Julie xxx

  5. Hi Katy, Cleo is such a lovely looking dog and I think its wonderful that he is allowed to sit on the window seat. Imagine the pleasure he gets watching out the window :-) Your new church sounds really good - I am all for open-mindedness - here's wishing you and your Mum a special time there. Becks xxx


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