Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cleo's 1st Birthday!

Cleo's first birthday was on May 21st! My sister and I were excited to celebrate with her.

My sister baked her 3 peanut butter and carrot cakes.

Cleo really enjoyed them!

She unwrapped her presents. This is the squeaky gecko toy I got her. It has about 7 different squeakers and a rattle in it's tail.

My sister, EJ made Cleo 2 new bandanas.

And EJ found a crocheted pig toy for Cleo.

Cleo finally discovered the joys of unwrapping presents. This Christmas, she didn't really understand what was going on. But she was excited for her birthday presents.

EJ found a rawhide baseball for her and I found a giant rawhide bone.

Cleo enjoyed her birthday very much. It took her almost the entire week to finish all of her treats and goodies. 

Happy Birthday Cleo!

As Always,


  1. Aah, sweet girl. Our cats get excited when we unwrap things for them....but half the time the paper is more fun than the toy. One year Jacob tore the paper from gifts under the tree just because he liked the paper. No more gifts under the tree at Christmas!
    Jane x

  2. popped over from T's blog. Your Cleo is lovely. Both our dogs are masters of present unwrapping. So much that we have to put their gifts in their stockings at Christmas. If they go under the tree, the dogs will sniff them out and unwrap them early! Have a great day!!!


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