Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back in blogland

Hello friends,

Wow. It has been quite a while since I last visited blogland. Here are some quicky updates.

First off,  I am sorry about my mysterious disappearance and absence. It kinda just happened without me planning it. Guess life will do that to you.

Second off, my summer job is going really well. I have been busy working at the college library on my school campus. I love my job and the people I work with a lot!

Third,  I have been getting all of my paperwork ready for grad school. The library job really helps for that, both for experience and references. :)  In addition, I have been getting ready for my senior year of (undergrad) college- one semester left and then a semester of student teaching. Then grad school. :O

Next, my family just got back from a week of vacation on the beach. It was much needed and we had wonderful 80-90 degree weather the entire week. Now, usually we prefer the 70s, but two weeks ago, our normal temperature in Iowa was 105 degrees. Soooo.... the 80-90 degree weather on the beach was absolutely gorgeous!!

Oh, and we had a surprise party for my mom the week before we went on vacation. We had been planning it for a month or so and it never got spoilt! That was pretty darn awesome-- I'll do a separate post about this with more details later. :)

Let's see.... the puppy, Cleo,  had to go to doggy daycare/boarding while we were on vacation. However, being social, she adored it! She had a blast playing with the other dogs everyday!  (She is kinda bored at home now...hmmm)

We are moving my sister to her college for her first year starting next week. She is getting really excited for her college year to start.

And we got our new pond installed and the fish moved in. They are nice and happy. And... don't know if this is good or bad... they are quite tame. If you sit on the edge of the rock and dangle your feet in the water, the 5 fish swim right up and kiss your legs and toes. :)

Oh, and lastly... I have been teaching my mom to crochet. So far, she has mastered the chain, single crochet and US double crochet. Yay!!

Okay- Now I have to work on my statement of purpose for my grad school app. I'll be back later with more details and maybe some pictures too!

Thanks for reading!!

As Always,


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