Monday, March 14, 2016

I've been busy...

So my Ravelry project page is fast filling up. It seems like for every one project I finish, I have 5 more started! There is always something new and beautiful to make and I can always find a new and exciting yarn to use! However, I am trying hard to limit myself on fiber right now as I just finished organizing about 5 big bins of yarn and moving them downstairs and out of my closet! Hey, look I found my favorite shirt!! :P

Finished Projects
This week, I finished one purple cobasi sock and finished my blue Age of Brass and Steam kerchief.
It feels a little bit small, but once I block it, it should stretch a little bit bigger and be more comfortable.

I have a lime green Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief in the works, but that one I am making larger and it should come out more as a shawlette size when it is finished and blocked. I am quite happy with it so far though.

I have a large cable blanket in progress right now as I am addicted to my newfound skill of cabling and have found many projects to make with cables. I can't start them all at once even though I so wish I could!

I have several baby gifts going on right now: an Old Shale patterned baby blanket and a shawl to cuddle in during the midnight feeding time.

I have spring fingerless mitts that I just started working on and that I am excited about as they will be less bulky than the mitts I wore during the winter (and am currently wearing). They should be perfect for the cold, air-conditioned library this summer, but not super warm.

I also have two mates of socks that I need to start and finish, but I have been wearing the mismatched socks lately as they feel so nice and I have one done with each pattern. They both have purples in them, so they are somewhat coordinated!

Crochet WIPS
I am working on a baby blanket in a pink, green, purple multi yarn. It isn't for anyone in particular, but will come in handy as more friends have babies in the future.

That's it for now! I have been dying to start many new projects as spring is here and it is time to transition to lighter clothing.

What have you all been working on lately?


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