Monday, April 28, 2014


Wow. So I have really missed all my friends in Blogland. Life got busy, school got busy, and my interests changed a little bit…. But now I am back and ready to rediscover all of you and share new things. So… Glad to see you all again!

Let's see... what's new since I last posted--I think about 2 years ago :(

1. I graduated with my Elementary Education degree from Simpson last April!
2. I was hired as a Clerk at my local library.
3. I started graduate school at San Jose State University for Library School.
4. I have gotten a lot braver with my crochet creations.
5. I got a promotion at my library to Library Assistant- Teen Specialist
6. My puppy is lot older now- She is almost 3!
7. I keep thinking about how much I have missed you, so my goal is to become a more regular poster again this year. :)
8. And, I don't know… How about some pictures? :)

Crochet Projects

Knitted Frilly Scarves- Very addictive

Cleo and her Bowtie

Doggie Hat

More to come later! Thanks for reading!


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