Thursday, May 17, 2012

Star Stitch Blanket

Hello Everyone!!
I hope everyone is having a cheerful, sunshine filled day! :D

As for me, I just found a cool blanket made with the star stitch. This is my current project! :)

I saw Jules' blankets (Little Woollie is the name of her blog) that she has made using the star stitch that she found. She was nice enough to post the address of a tutorial for making the star stitch on her blog. I decided to try it. 

To my delight, the blanket is coming along very nicely. At first, I had a problem with the first row curling up. After a few times of ripping it out and redoing it, I went on to the next row. After I had a few rows completed, it stopped curling up. I am a very tight crocheter. I also tried to work on keeping my stitches loose. However, the blanket seems to be working ok now. 

The star stitch is very relaxing and quick to work. I really like that it is not a "gappy" pattern. 

I started by chaining 265 stitches because I wanted it to be wide enough to wrap under my legs. Now I am working on the length. Here are a few photos of my progress.

This is one side of the stitches.

This is the other side of the stitches.

I was going to do 3 rows of yellow, but ran out. So I had to switch around my colors a little bit. However, since I have no plan and am just doing random colors it is still working out alright. I ended up doing 2 rows of yellow and then 1 of teal and am now working on a purple row. I think I  might do some orange rows after the purple. Then I have to decide if I want to repeat my colors again or keep going random but with repeating colors since I ran out of yellow. Guess I'll see what I feel like once I get to that point.

Well... I have to go and work on my last school project of the year. I am not very motivated but really need to get it done so I have more time to relax and crochet. :)

More pictures to come soon!
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  1. The colours are really vibrant and pretty - my vote would be to keep it random. I have just made a couple of Granny Stripe blankets with random colours and am onto my third (they were promised and I could do with a change but never mind!). Good luck with yours. Lily. xxx

  2. Hello Katy.. I'm Shari and one of your new followers.Your blanket is looking nice so far. I really love that stitch as well and works up really fast once you get going!
    Come visit me if you ever have the time.


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